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Annika Morgan

  • DOB


  • Hometown

    Mittenwald, Germany


Favorite place to travel?

My favorite place to travel is New Zealand, especially wanaka


Best moment in your career?

My best moment in my career would probably be winning the gold medal at the european Youth Olympics in sarajevo on my birthday, because at the medal ceremony the whole crowd of about 500 people started singing happy birthday to me while i was on stage. This moment was absolutely unforgettable


Favorite things to do when you’re not riding?

My favorite thing to do while not riding is definitely figure skating since i used to be a competitive figure skater since i’m 3 years old so that has always been a big oart of my life and it’s just nice to have a sport that is completely different to snowboarding. It’s like a different culture


Fashion essentials?

One of my fashion essentials is a turtle neck because it fits to every outfit and looks good under every crewneck/hoodie. Also very important are chunky black boots


Favorite moment with ROXY?

My favorite moment with roxy: when i was 9 i went to this day camp with roxy in stubai to shred with girls. i didn’t have sponsors back then but i remember coming down from the mountain and one roxy team manager asked me if i wanted to be sponsored by roxy. ever since i’ve been soonsored by roxy and i don’t  think i will forget that moment, since that was a huge step in my life